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Online skill games are becoming more and more popular around the world, with new sites dedicated to them springing up on a daily basis. Originally limited to only a handful of different games, there are now thousands, with each one boasting a different skill set needed from the player in order to be successful in their challenges. Broadly speaking, these online skill games fall in to two distinct categories - free online skill games and ones that cost money to compete in (although there are financial rewards for those that succeed).

Free skill games

Skill games online for free are seen all over the internet, from specific sites to places like Facebook and Twitter. Most of the most popular are games require the player to think quickly and use their reactions to progress and therefore score more points. Although this type of online games are free to play, this also means that there is no opportunity to win money from them - meaning they are for enjoyment and bragging rights only.

Online games for money

Games costing money are more specific than free games, and they are regulated in a certain way also. Because games of skill are categorized differently to gambling, they are immune from many countries' restrictions, as they are not games of luck and chance. There have been suggestions for measures being introduced in the US though, that if passed would make playing skill games far more difficult. Some examples of online skill games played for money are bridge, backgammon and chess - essentially digital versions of the real-life game that are also often played for financial reward.

Different types of online games

Whilst these are the two main types, each game can be broadly categorized in to four further categories - arcade, puzzle, word and trivia. Whilst word games and trivia games are self-explanatory, the other two may need a bit of going over to understand their specific features...

Arcade games are essentially games online that require the player to act quickly in a dynamic and ever-changing game, whereby they must think on their feet as well as maintaining a cool head. They are generally much quicker than other games, with the whole game often completed within minutes.

Puzzle games, however, are a much more sedate affair, with the player having a set amount of time to complete a specific conundrum. Games such as Bejeweled - where the player has to match different colored blocks in a time limit - are a great example of these types of online casual games.

There are many sites that offer these types of games of skill games online to both players wanting to play for money and those just wanting to have some fun. With the way that they rely on an individual's skills and not on luck, they are the perfect choice for many who think they have what it takes to play skill games. Enjoy and play skill games online for free.

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