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The water mattress – how correctly to choose?

Posted on 16 July, 2016  in Stores

Healthy and comfortable sleep – is a pledge of good health. So, it’s very important on what and how to sleep.

A couple of years ago every man could only dream about water mattress, but today this buying becomes a reality. Water mattresses – are great alternative to spring products, since it becomes more and more popular every year. They are sufficiently qualitative, convenient and comfortable. Best mattresses are able to give people a healthy, comfortable sleep, which gives the opportunity to experience a morning surge of strength and good mood.

What water mattress is?

The water mattress is a PVC cover which filled with a special liquid or water. It has a number of advantages that are not inherent in other models.

  • water mattress allows your body to accept an anatomically correct position for sleep and rest.
  • it relieves your muscles as much as possible and gives you the opportunity to feel blissful sleep after a night’s rest.
  • thanks to the special heating function it provides human by warmth during the cold winter.
  • water mattress has hypoallergenic qualities, which makes it possible to apply to people who suffer from allergies without any negative impact on their health.
  • water mattresses can not deformed and may serve about twenty years.
  • these mattresses are ideal for pregnant women. Due to a convenient surface and heating functions, similar products have a positive effect on people who suffer from aching joints, rheumatism and of arthritis.

As for the disadvantages of the water mattress, from mattress reviews here its possible say only one thing – it’s sometimes necessary to change the water in a similar product, but this only applies to low-cost models. The modern water mattresses have already being filled with liquid, which must be replaced one time in 3 years.

What are the kinds of water mattresses?

A model number of water mattresses are very big, so that it possible with no problems to pick up the product even for the most demanding buyers.

Water mattresses are divided into:

  • single-chamber;
  • multi-chamber;
  • multi-chamber with a hard framework;
  • from polyurethane mattresses;
  • water mattresses for children.

The selection a mattress depends on your taste and finances.

The operating principle of the water mattress.

Before buying the new things you have to be sure to check out its device and operating principles.

The lower part of the water mattresses contain thin strips of generating current by means the liquid is heated. Because the heating system is not in contact with the fluid, the circuits in these mattresses will not happen.

The heating system works on the principle of the relay: it is supported by a specific predetermined temperature. At the same time the required degree of fluid establishes by the owner considering of his taste and personal preference.

Water Mattress

If the electricity could be unexpectedly cut off, don’t worry about the fact that the temperature of the mattress will cool down quickly. The water in the water mattress loses the dialed temperature very slowly, as well as the volume of water amounts to hundreds, the warm and comfortable rest is guaranteed in all conditions. Certainly the amount of consumed energy depends on the volume, but even by heating the large double mattress needs about 15 kilowatts of power per month.

Installing and exploiting.

Its weight is one of the main features of a water mattress. Because to fill this mattress it’s need more than one dozen liters of water, the product may have a weight from 100 to 500 kg.

Typically, the water weight of the mattress doesn’t exceed 40 kg. Water mattresses can not be used on a usual bed, as its base may not handle such weight. Usually, with such product sells special frame, like a podium. In size it is fully consistent with the dimensions of the mattress.